Career Coaching

According to a Forbes article on June 20, 2014, 52.3% of Americans are unhappy at work. What I see and hear from people certainly validates that statistic. It seems that many employers are demanding more and paying less, with little  interest in their employees' work/life balance. Consequently, you may be wanting to figure out a career or workplace that would be a better fit for you....or, you may want to stay where you are, but learn to enhance your skills and enjoy your role more.

I am a Certified Master Career Counselor with NCDA (National Career Development Association). For six years, I provided career coaching services in several colleges, focusing on career selection , strengths-building, and leadership development.  These remain my specialties in Career Coaching.

Selection: Ask An Austin Career Coach

First, I will ask you a lot of questions about your work history, what you liked and disliked in previous jobs. My belief is that it's often not a specific job that matches us, but instead, the presence of certain elements in the job. For example, someone may enjoy interacting a lot with others during the day and also having a creative aspect to their work. There are many careers that may offer those qualities.

Second, I'll give you some assessments. I use primarily the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for personality testing. Additionally, an interest inventory and strengths-finder assessments. These are fun and informative methods of learning more about yourself.

Third, we will access online resources to find careers that match your preferences.

Strengths Building and Leadership Development

Most of us want to grow in our careers. This greatly enhances our enjoyment and upward movement. Here are some of the most common issues I work with in this area:

Strengthen management skills.

 I often use a customized 360 feedback survey, which gives you feedback from people who know you and work with you. This is very valuable, and managers  rarely get this crucial information.  Once you understand how and why people perceive you in a certain way, then you can focus on aspects that you want to change.

Develop a skill, such as public speaking, leading a group, improving communication.

Everyone has strengths and everyone also has areas which need enhancing. If a person is willing, this development can be fun and very productive. It's sort of like improving your golf swing...are you keeping your head down?...swinging smoothly?.....using the right club?  We will try to pin down exactly what isn't working and fix it.

Discover your strengths and learn to make them even stronger.

Often in the workplace, emphasis is put on what we are NOT doing well. I'm sure you're familiar with those yearly evaluations.  Actually, it is more important to know what your strengths are, because it is in those aspects that you will be able to truly excellent. We can together survey careers in Austin that match these criteria.

My approach as a career coach is all about helping you to know your preferences, strengths and skills...and then to help you try to find a career that fits well with those.

Ready to talk? I'm ready to help.

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