About Sally

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor have practiced psychotherapy for twenty years, focusing on stress management and other mood disorders.  I hold a post-graduate certification as a Professional Coach through the College of Executive Coaching and I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

My experience includes founding a private practice with three other therapists in Amarillo, Texas. This counseling center is still thriving. I have also held positions as Director of Counseling Services at West Texas A&M University and Amarillo College.  In my practice, I offer counseling, life coaching and hypnotherapy.

Even though I am experienced in a variety of issues, my specialty area in counseling is anxiety management. Clearly, there are many situations that increase our anxiety. No matter what your particular stressors, there are strategies and life skills that will help!  My approach engages mind, body and spirit as tools to reduce anxiety and learn to live a peaceful life.

Another focus area of mine is life transitions. As women, we continually have the opportunity to re-invent ourselves when we are faced with major life changes:  college graduation, career choice, marriage, pregnancy, children, losses such as divorce or the death of a parent, parenting through each phase of child development, empty nest when children leave, and retirement…..and more.  Each transition includes dealing with loss and learning more about who we want to become.

I also love to work with clients who are seeking a faith-sensitive approach, in which we explore their spiritual belief systems and how their lives are affected and strengthened by these beliefs.

My specialty area in life coaching is Happiness Coaching. The last decade of research on the Science of Happiness has produced some very interesting and useful information on how we can become happy! That’s something everyone wants, right?  I have read a lot of books, listened to the researchers talk, and recently completed a college course from University of California, Berkeley on this topic.  I’m excited to share these principles with people who are willing to do a bit of work with me in order to facilitate happiness in your life.

Ready to talk? I’m ready to help.

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