Modern methods make hypnotherapy a trusted & valued discipline.

Hypnotherapy is hypnosis used for the purpose of assisting people in making positive changes in their lives. There are many myths and fears surrounding the use of hypnotherapy, and those living in Austin are no different. In reality, it is a wonderful experience of relaxation and learning, which speaks directly to the subconscious mind as you are completely awake and aware.  With hypnotherapy,  change often occurs very quickly. Never in recorded history has there been any danger linked to hypnosis!

The many uses of hypnosis:

Modern day methods and applications have made hypnotherapy a trusted and valued discipline. Its use was approved by the American Medical Association in 1958, and is now taught at many universities across the country. Hypnotherapy has proven applications in medicine, dentistry, psychology, obstetrics, counseling, pain control, and many other areas. Many sports teams, hospitals, and companies have hypnotherapists on staff to promote healing, focus, and performance in a variety of ways.

Austin hynotherapy: Follow procedure with a licensed Austin professional

I use hypnotherapy as a strategy within the context of counseling, or as a stand-alone process. Some people may not want in-depth counseling; but instead, prefer to only address certain behaviors, such as weight loss, confidence-building, anxiety, specific fears, or pain management. Here's how it works: 

First, I will talk with you about what you want to accomplish, or change...and I'll get details about specific areas of challenge. I'll also ask about your strengths and give you an assessment or two.  Then I will create a hypnosis script, custom-made for you.

Second, we will meet for the first session. I'll make sure you are comfortable and have all questions answered. Then I'll talk you through an awesome relaxation experience (most of my clients think this, alone, is worth it). Next, I'll make some suggestions - those that you and I have already agreed upon. The principle here is that the subconscious mind is more receptive when the body is relaxed, and lasting change occurs in the subconscious.  All of my suggestions are very positive; nothing is said or done that could possibly harm you in any way.  I will record our session and ask you to listen to it every day for at least 5 days.

Third, you will listen to your recording and we will meet again the next week, where we'll assess your improvement. There will usually be at least one more hypnotherapy session, depending on the issue and your progress.

It is important to know that hypnotherapy is not a magical procedure that changes you without any effort on your part. Most of the time, my clients have to "work the plan", using strategies and effort in order to affect lasting change. Hypnotherapy usually does, however, shorten the change process.

If you're interested in reading about research in the field of hypnosis, click here.

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