Hello, I’m glad you’re here!

Even though I am experienced in a variety of issues, my specialty area in counseling is anxiety management. In this world we live in, there are many causes of our anxiety  but no matter what your particular stresses, the process of getting better is the same. 

My approach engages mind, body and spirit as tools to reduce anxiety and learn to live a peaceful life. I believe my clients find me to be open, accepting, informative and fun. I love the new emphasis on positive psychology, which not only assesses what is wrong, but also what is right in a person's life. Together, my clients and I identify their strengths and learn to use them towards growth and healing.

My focus areas in life coaching are transition issues and relationship enhancement.

But we can only get to know each other so much online. Ready to talk? I'm ready to listen. Give me a call today. There's never a charge to explore if this is the right answer.

(512) 517-1993